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  • “Catch-22 (Paper Illustration)”Catch-22 (Paper Illustration)

    A book cover design for Joseph Heller's masterpiece. Cut paper, 9.5"x11.5".

  • “Acadia National Park (Paper Illustration)”Acadia National Park (Paper Illustration)

    Cut paper, 9.5" x 11.5"

  • “The Martian Chronicles (Paper Illustration)”The Martian Chronicles (Paper Illustration)

    A paper box adaptation of a book cover design.  Made in textured cardstock and foam core; measures 11"x9.75"x3".

  • “To The Lighthouse (Paper Illustration)”To The Lighthouse (Paper Illustration)

    A paper box adaptation of a book cover design.  Made in textured cardstock and foam core; measures 11"x9.75"x3".

  • “Jules (Sculpture)”Jules (Sculpture)

    A charming afternoon sketch of my beloved terrier. Done in Chavant NSP Medium clay.

  • “Rain Songs (Graphic Design)”Rain Songs (Graphic Design)
  • “Fox (Graphic Design)”Fox (Graphic Design)

    Done in Adobe Illustrator.

  • “Provincetown Film Society Holiday Card”Provincetown Film Society Holiday Card

    Black ink on bone white 80# linen cardstock. Measures 5.5" by 4.75".

  • “Jules Verne (Relief)”Jules Verne (Relief)

    Sculpted in honor of one of the legendary founders of science fiction, this three-quarter profile relief employs a clever perspective trick to create an illusion of greater depth. Sculpted in Chavant NSP Medium clay, it measures 2" wide by 3.5" high.

  • “Head Écorché (Anatomical Sculpture)”Head Écorché (Anatomical Sculpture)

    A three-quarter life size anatomical study of the head and neck. It presents the underlying structure of the face in a bold, illustrative style. This sculpture is a sagittal cut, presenting musculature on the left (pictured) and underlying bone on the right. It is sculpted in Roma Plastilina and is 14" high.

  • “Molly (Anatomical Sculpture)”Molly (Anatomical Sculpture)

    Built over two years, this detailed anatomical study was constructed from the bones out, layering on every individual muscle until the final form was achieved. It is a sagittal cut, displaying superficial (outer) muscles on the left side, and deep (inner) muscles on the right. It was selected Best in Class at the Art Students League of New York, and exhibited in the ASL Student Showcase from June 4 - June 15, 2018. It is sculpted in Roma Plastilina and is 23" high.

  • “Cole Profile (Drawing)”Cole Profile (Drawing)

    A monochrome study done in red pencil and gouache on toned paper. Measures 9"x12".

  • “LoveBot (Posable Paper Sculpture)”LoveBot (Posable Paper Sculpture)

    Beneath its charming exterior lies a true feat of engineering. LoveBot originally started its life as a printable model kit, before it became clear that this happy little guy was too challenging for all but an obsessive few to assemble. Indeed, despite its simplistic appearance, LoveBot is made up of 26 painstakingly assembled paper components that allow it to turn its head, look up and down, raise and lower its arms, rotate its wrists, and even spin its treads! The result is a fully posable miniature sculpture, a modern take on a retro science fiction robot. LoveBot is made of two-tone AstroBrights card stock and measures approximately 3.75" high, 5" wide (arm to arm, and 2.5" deep.

  • “Birch Trees (Paper Illustration)”Birch Trees (Paper Illustration)

    Meant to evoke walking through a birch forest in winter, this cut paper diorama achieves a sense of depth by putting each layer on a ring suspended one in front of the other. It is a modern take on the Japanese art of tatebanko, with the illustrated effect achieved by layering colored, patterned linen onto a black cardstock backing. Birch trees is presented as a series of four, in shades of yellow (pictured), green, pink and blue. Each is housed in a custom cylindrical casing and display mounted, and measures 11" in diameter and 3" deep.

Geoff Vitiello

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artist bio

My name is Geoff Vitiello, and I am a sculptor, carver, draftsman, painter, multi-media artist, props artisan, and graphic designer that has recently relocated from New York City to Milwaukee. I studied human anatomy and figurative sculpture under Chris Raccioppi, Frank Porcu and Paul Oestreicher, and my work has been displayed in The Art Students' League of New York.

artist statement

My fine arts background is in classical realism, while my graphic design roots are in Art Deco and flat, minimalist design. Though worlds apart, they share an underlying commitment to precision and clarity, with every line in its right place. My art exists at their nexus, presenting intricate, nuanced compositions in a bold, iconic style.

Having spent every summer since birth in Acadia National Park, my art is deeply influenced by the great outdoors. I often seek to evoke the sublime feeling of being alone in nature. I am a conservationist, and aim to make work that captures the majesty and fragility of the natural world.

As something of a jack of all trades, my work is often driven by a question to answer, or a problem to solve. I have created exploding bouquets for theater productions, sculpted frighteningly detailed anatomical studies, produced my own measuring tools, invented delicate paper mechanisms, and much more.