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  • “Winter Goose”Winter Goose

    glass, shelles rocks

Leann Wooten

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artist bio

Multi media mosaic artist Leann Wooten creates original contemporary mosaics for gallery exhibition, architectural and residential settings.
As a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists, she has won awards for her work and has exhibited both nationally and internationally.
Leann studied art at the University of Nebraska continuing her studies with many masters of mosaic from all over the world, while serving on the faculty and board at The Chicago Mosaic School.
Leann lives and works in Milwaukee now implementing
mosaic murals in the community, plus teaching mosaic art around the city and out of her home studio.

artist statement

Formerly a painter, in love with texture, I began adding objects to my canvases to build interest, so it was a natural transition for me to move into multi media with a strong emphasis on mosaic, needing a variety of materials to convey my thoughts.
I like working in a semi-abstract manner, giving myself and the viewer the familiar and unfamiliar to contemplate.
My work is a spontaneous journey, never pre-conceiving the outcome, working in the moment, exploring with metal, ceramics, rocks, shells, smalti, glass, wood, figurines, toys, and found objects. I love finding junk and recycling it into something new, so I am constantly hunting for items to spark my creative process.
My approach to mosaics is just like painting for me, I work fast and am engrossed by all the colors, textures and shapes that build complexity to my work.