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  • “The Lonesome Crowd”The Lonesome Crowd

    Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 30"x 30", 2020

  • “Between Then and Now”Between Then and Now

    Oil on Canvas, 30"x 40", 2020

  • “Stabbing Tickets”Stabbing Tickets

    Oil on Panel, 6"x 6", 2019

  • “Pre-Shift”Pre-Shift

    Oil on Panel, 6"x 6", 2019

  • “Work and Play”Work and Play

    Oil on Panel, 6"x 6", 2019

  • “Smoking Inside After Close”Smoking Inside After Close

    Oil on Panel, 6"x 6", 2019

  • “Plating”Plating

    Oil on Panel, 6"x 6", 2019

  • “Smoking In The Dishpit”Smoking In The Dishpit

    Oil on Panel, 6"x 6", 2019

  • “Martini, Up”Martini, Up

    Oil on Panel, 6"x 6", 2019

  • “Walk-In”Walk-In

    Oil on Panel, 6"x 6", 2019

  • “Var 30x30x30 2018”Var 30x30x30 2018

    Oil on Panel, 30 Paintings Each 6"x 6", 2018

  • “Inheritance”Inheritance

    Oil on Panel, 30"x 24",2018

  • “Stripes”Stripes

    Oil on Panel, 36"x 24", 2018

  • “Graceful and Crumbling”Graceful and Crumbling

    Oil on Panel, 54"x 42", 2019

  • “By Some Fault of Your Own”By Some Fault of Your Own

    Oil on Panel, 48"x36", 2018

Brendan Murphy

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Brendan Murphy
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artist bio

Brendan Murphy is a Milwaukee-born artist who works predominantly in oil paint. He
graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a history major and art minor. He is interested in many different styles, genres, and subject matter, but prefers figurative realism with a mixture of abstraction to convey emotional content. Inspired by artists like Jenny Morgan and Rembrandt, Jenny Saville and Caroline Westerhout, Pierre Bonnard and Christian Rex Van Minnen, his work has been exploring identity and misunderstandings by utilizing reflections photographed in Mylar as his source material. His work has been shown domestically around the Midwest as well as an upcoming 2021 show in Japan. For more of his work go to: Brendanmurphy.art or on Instagram: @anotherbrendan

artist statement

Rooted in an interest of the Old Masters and Impressionism with a focus on the figure, my work has taken two paths: The representation of life in the service industry and the exploration of misunderstanding using reflections photographed in Mylar. The latter is meant to investigate how we perceive one another and ourselves, the warped perception of others and how one feels another’s gaze change their own self-image. The former is “writing what I know” pulling from ten years in the service industry and depicting the beautiful, dirty, smoky, stressful, mundane moments of restaurant life.