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  • “migration dance”migration dance

    figure is coil constructed clay, surface includes a fine clay slip and casein paint. The tulle skirt and paper butterflies invite the universal migrations of people, insects and animals

Katheryn Corbin

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Clay statement, form, line, color, texture, is the base station for my work. Painting, drawing, sculpture grows from this. My painting and drawing leads into clay forms. In like manner clay forms move onto a canvas.

Pots as bowls, yunomi cups, and large scale vessels inform my sculpture with clays, firing environment, glazes and paints. Large scale figures are built with coils and grow with the volume of containment. My work is fired in an electric kiln and are often touched with clouds of smoke in a sawdust firing.

My long career as an artist has been as a teacher in art school, university, primary, and preschool education. When I completed my MFA at UWMilwaukee two fellow crafts artist and I moved into a full floor studio in a manufacturing building on Milwaukee near south side. A bit of heaven. I now live in a 1930s bungalow in a historic neighborhood in Milwaukee surrounded by oak trees. It has grown into studio.