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  • “Frank the Zombie: A Tale of Woe That Ends With a Smile”Frank the Zombie: A Tale of Woe That Ends With a Smile

    A new children's book published by Mirror Publishing. Frank is a zombie. It wasn't his idea, but he is. Frank just wants to be friends. Will you be his friend? The book is available on Amazon,, and through the Zombie Trading Company.

Jeffrey Winke

  • Literature
I am a Literary Professional

artist statement

I'm a writer. Creative nonfiction, essays, poetry, and short stories is what I write. To feed my soul, I do all of the above. To eat and live, I write about construction technology, equipment pushing dirt, and industrial stuff used in factories and on jobsites. Writing is a solitary venture, so I spend most of my time cocooned in my Third Ward home where my office / writing studio is located. My coffee punch cards are almost always full, so I do spend a lot of time in coffee shops with my notebook, iPad, or laptop musing... or wrestling with the best way to describe how a GPS system helps a motor grader achieve precision grade. If I were brave enough, I'd stand on a well-traveled corner with a sandwich board that reads: WILL WRITE FOR CASH.