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Zaneta Cainion

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

Born in 1985, raised in the city of Milwaukee, WI. Zaneta Cainion studied in specialty Milwaukee Public Schools. These schools allowed her to access to a broad range of creative studies within her focus on art. She received her BFA in Integrated Studio Arts at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (2004-2009) which included drawing, painting, and print making. She is currently involved in the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network mentor program.

artist statement

Every inch of my being is empty without art. In the twinkling of an eye my silent voice begins to spill out into the open air. It is a journey that is filled with uncertainty. Never knowing what the future holds but always wondering if I am going down the right path. My work reflects my life's journey. I'm reaching out to grab something meaningful but always searching for that moment I once lost. Every gesture is a self reflection of who I have become. I hide my emotions deep within like secrets until I release them onto the canvas.
My work comes from a creative mind set. I enjoy thinking of things in abstract ways and connecting my ideas together like a puzzle. My work conveys that through texture, shapes, and spatial depth. I make my paintings complex and expressive. I release all of my emotions onto the canvas/paper with visual movement through mark making and bold colors. When I’m in the active world of creation I find the process of art making stress free and uplifting. That is what I hope to reflect in my paintings.