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  • “"Cherryapolis"”

    This image is a reimagination of the famous Walker Art Museum's Cherry & Spoon in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ari Rosenthal

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artist bio

Image. Inspiration. Imagination. Creation. Evolution…..

Artist Bio
Using photography composed of strong architectural elements (organic and man-made), Ari David Rosenthal creates “re-imaginings” of his traditional fine art photography that reach far beyond the original image capture. Creating a synthesis and application of dimension, saturation and texture, Rosenthal’s newest pieces pop with dynamic fluidity.

Rosenthal, a native of Milwaukee, WI, holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from the University of Minnesota. During the 1980’s and 90’s, Rosenthal, a talented musician, played sax, flute, and EWI in various bands within the Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis areas. In 2003, Rosenthal returned home from Los Angeles, and created OzMoses - a design, video, music, and marketing company. In 2004, OzMoses shifted heavily towards photography and videography and in 2008 became Ari Rosenthal Photography.

Rosenthal’s recent and upcoming fine art exhibits include:
o January-April, 2012- Hide House/Mercy Hill Gallery
o February, 2012- MARN Salon IV- Photography & Time Based Media
o March, 2012- Art Milwaukee- March Art Jamboree
o April-July, 2012- A Trio Jewelry Design & Gallery
o June, 2012- Gallery 2622
o July-October, 2012- Timothy J. Kitchen & Bath
o August 10- September 18, 2012- Grafton Art’s Mill “SATURATION 2012”
o September-October, 2012- Next Act Theater
o September 21- October 11, 2012- Art Bar-“EARTH”

Ari David Rosenthal lives in Milwaukee, WI. He is the owner of Ari Rosenthal Photography, an award winning commercial photography studio. Rosenthal’s work can be viewed at

Contact Information: or 414-967-0540

artist statement

Image. Inspiration. Imagination. Creation. Evolution…..

Artist Statement
My work is dynamic. It is a visual dance of dimension, saturation, texture, and space. It becomes a unique synthesis of elements, a “re-imagining.”

Each piece of art begins with an original photograph as its canvas. My creative process begins with “deconstructing” each image, determining the most powerful architectural elements - be they organic or man-made - within each image.

Using line, shape, color, texture, tension, and balance, the evolution of my work reaches far beyond the original image. There is a symbiotic relationship between my moments of inspiration that demand new creative elements in order to execute what is in my mind’s eye, and the unexpected outcomes when using new applications and techniques.

Though I know the genesis of each piece of work, it is the process of discovery - accidental and intentional - that determines the outcome.