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  • “Wetland”Wetland

    oil on canvas, 11 x 14

Marcia Hero

  • Art
  • Literature
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artist bio

Marcia Hero has been creating art since the age of 8 when she began taking classes at the Milwaukee Art Museum. She studied oil painting as a young adult while living in Monterrey, Mexico, and continued to paint while living in San Salvador, El Salvador. After returning to the United States, she focused on hand building clay pottery while studying fine art at Mount Mary College, and was awarded a scholarship for one of her pieces.
She began to paint with soft pastels after studying under artist Pamela Scesniak, and resumed taking occasional oil classes and workshops from artists Fred Bell, Jim Hempel, and Lorin Willey. She is a member of the Wisconsin Pastel Artists, the League of Milwaukee Artists, the Bay View Arts Guild, the Wisconsin Visual Artists, the Milwaukee Arts Board, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and several other art related organizations.

artist statement

"I have no lofty philosophy about painting. The passion to convey the beauty in the subject I'm painting exalts my mind and spirit. The sensuality of painting delicate flower petals, and the drama of very dark, or drapery backgrounds in still life, is thrilling, as is the conveyance of the reflective qualities of glass or metal objects, or the tactile stimulus of animal fur. It all stirs emotion through my senses, sometimes to the point where I can hardly contain my enthusiasm."