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  • “Closed chapter”Closed chapter

    36X36 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “November night”November night

    36X48 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “All day”All day

    30X40 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “Its your world”Its your world

    30X40 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “Everything I am”Everything I am

    22X28 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “It was written 2”It was written 2

    12X12 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “It was written 1”It was written 1

    12X12 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “On our way”On our way

    36X48 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “Long wait”Long wait

    30X40 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “Just arrived”Just arrived

    16X20 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “Actual proof”Actual proof

    36X48 Acrylic on Canvas

  • “Keep going”Keep going

    22X28 Acrylic on Canvas

Dave Watkins

  • Art
  • Design
I am an Art Professional I am a Design Professional

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artist bio

Contemporary Abstract Painter

artist statement

Dave's work is influenced by daily interactions with his surroundings.
As an abstract painter, his canvas becomes the city, using texture
and layers of color to reflect thoughts, feelings and experiences.
A passing train, an urban alley - Each painting takes the viewer
on a private journey with their own interpretations.


“In the wild, there is no healthcare. Healthcare is “Oh, I broke my leg!” A lion comes and eats you, your dead. Well, I’m not dead, I’m the lion, your dead!”
Dwight Schrute