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  • “Gaia”Gaia

    Acrylic on board 20' X 24"

Lenore Rinder

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

Lenore Rinder earned an MFA in Painting and filmmaking from the
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1986. After graduating from Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota in 1973, She backpacked and traveled by train for four months in Europe and Greece, visiting 12 countries. She has shown paintings at the Dorothy Bradley gallery, Milwaukee Jewish Center, earned a grant for an animated film project from the Jerome foundation, published a photo documentary ballet book, and 3 children's books. Lenore currently paints and produces personal, independent videos in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

artist statement

After recently traveling throughout the Middle East (Morocco, Turkey and Egypt), I was inspired by the subtle colors of the Sahara desert, bustling markets, and African/Arabic culture.
Some of the tomb paintings in Egypt's Valley of the Kings look freshly painted, however, 4,000 years of time and the elements have added a fading, crumbling dimension of patina and texture to most of these walls. I am trying to recreate the effect of passing time with my newest series of modern-ancient
Immortality paintings.
My work is a combination of: fantasy/impressionistic/ figurative/and abstract. I often incorporate nature and animals as imagery. The paintings are acrylic or oil on canvas or canvas board; some of them went through many changes; morphing from one image to another, until the final painting emerged from ghosts, drips, and hallucinations placed on canvas from my subconscious.

I once tried to live like a Zen monk and gave up ALL of my possessions, but found I could not live without my cameras and paints.