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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “Self”Self

    First self-portrait 16"x20" Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint

  • “Wisdom”Wisdom

    It stands watching as the Menomonee River Valley is being restored. 2012 Beyond the Canvas Exhibit. Sold at auction. 10"x20" Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint

  • “Ephrim Tree”Ephrim Tree

    Winter casts a gray cloak over the bay area near Ephrim WI. The sun forces colors through the clouds. 11"x14" Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint. My private collection.

  • “Past and Future”Past and Future

    A study of the Menomonee Valley area for the 2011 Beyond the Canvas Exhibit. Awarded: 1st Place-Traditional and Best in show. Sold at auction. 10"x20" Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint

  • “Caddy Full On”Caddy Full On

    Chrome & Fins. 16"x20" Should be paired with Tail image. Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint

  • “Caddy Tail”Caddy Tail

    An America icon, the tail fin of the Cadillac of the late 50's and early 60's. 16"x20" Should be paired with Full On image. Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint

  • “Mitchell Street”Mitchell Street

    This illustration is created from an image found in the Milwaukee Public Library's Humanities archive. Mitchell Street on Milwaukee's South side. The image was dated 1929. 11"x14" Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint

  • “PAC”PAC

    Milwaukee's Performing Arts Center, looking East. 16"x20" Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint. Sold.

  • “Maintenance Yard”Maintenance Yard

    Illustrated from an image found in the Milwaukee Public Library's Humanities archive. Men work on a streetcar in the maintenance yard. 18"x24" Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint

  • “Bradford Beach Bath House”Bradford Beach Bath House

    A landmark on Milwaukee's wonderful shoreline. 8"x10" Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint

  • “Lake Drive Home”Lake Drive Home

    Striking home on Lake Drive in Milwaukee. 16"x20" Rapidiograph Pen/Spray Paint

Dan Kirchen

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Art By Dan
7819 Stickney Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53213 US

(414) 774-9412
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artist bio

Dan Kirchen is a visual artist and life long resident of Milwaukee. He received his Associates Degree in Applied Arts, Commercial Art from the Milwaukee Area Technical College.

After spending several years as a production artist for screen, flexographic and digital print he has returned to his love for creating works of art using a combination of ink and spray paint applied directly on glass.

At the 2011 Beyond the Canvas Exhibit, his first show in many years, the piece he created was awarded 1st Place-Traditional and Best in Show.

When he’s not working on creating more paintings, he can be found serving as builder, artistic embellisher or liaison for the

artist statement

The work I do is in reverse and imaged directly applied to the glass. A combination of spray paint and ink gives a semi-photographic appearance with just enough interpretation to make it interesting. The pieces are both technical and creative. A sometimes complex process, the results are unique.
My work is often custom per a client's request.