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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “A Piece Of Him”A Piece Of Him

    Veiled cemetery statuary. We are here but a while, even our monuments, though set in stone, are temporary.

Stephanie Wiedenhoeft

artist bio

Stephanie is currently working diligently on a screenplay entitled, ON WHOM WE RELY. This is by no means her first foray into the creative writing world. She has had four plays produced locally by Pink Banana Theatre Co. and Insurgent Theatre. She has volumes of unpublished poetry and fictional works.
As an actress she had the pleasure of working with Milwaukee Shakespeare, Next Act Theatre, Nevermore Theatre, Pink Banana Theatre Co., Insurgent Theatre, and Northern Lights Playhouse. In 2010 she did a Public Service Announcement with the Milwaukee Health Dept. and in the summer of 2005 she did a short film called, Suddenly Human.
She has had two gallery showings of her photography and is in the submission process to galleries in and around Milwaukee.
As a creative type, Stephanie also makes jewelry and greeting cards.
Stephanie graduated with a BA in Theater Studies from UWM in 2006. She currently resides in Whitefish Bay with her husband and two-year-old son, and is a dedicated stay at home mother.
Stephanie hopes to one day be a gallery owner. Her focus will be on the artists and the community.