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  • “Daffodils”Daffodils

    A quiet vase sits atop a cloth covered table. The vase is filled with Daffodils. The painting has a theatrical feeling, isolated on the table stage with plenty of space all around.

  • “Three Girls”Three Girls

    I did this painting in response to photos by Livija. Three roses in a clear vase, the blue cloth below dripping off the table edge. The end of day light pours in and shows against the blue grey wall. The man roses are painted as if they are meaty and dense. The painting captures some of the loneliness and despair evident in the photographs of Livija. Livija was a friendless person shunned by her family.

Fred Bell

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Fred Bell is A professional painter and teacher. You can see his work at Fredbellpaintings.com

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Fred Bell Spills his guts.
I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, my hometown. I started painting seriously with Henry Hensche at the Cape School in Provincetown, Massachusettes. I was there for six seasons. Later, 15 years living and studying in New York City, I studied at The Art Students League and The New School.
My representational paintings are mostly about the paint. I like it thick and the marks to show. It is applied with a palette knife and is a combination of oil paint and wax. The wax makes the paint thick, colors more rich and the texture swirls around giving the painting life!