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After ten years of serving tea and scones, Anaba Tea Room closed its doors on December 29th, 2013. Although it is sad to say goodbye to Anaba, we view this closing as a natural progression in our creative journey.

RAMEN COMES TO MILWAUKEE with the Grand Opening of TOCHI on January 17th, 2014. Chef Gregg DesRosier and his staff, formerly of Anaba Tea Room, are creating an Asian fusion restaurant focusing on Japanese ramen. TOCHI is located at 2107 East Capitol Drive in the lower level of Garden Room.

Inspiration for TOCHI began with Des Rosier’s ramen night offerings at Anaba Tea Room. “As a chef, ramen is a fun way to express yourself. I mean for me it was the first food I remember experimenting with. Playing with my food…as they say. So, in a sense it’s kind of a return to a creative innocence.”

TOCHI’s menu will include a variety of classic and contemporary ramen dishes such as miso and mazeman styles. Miso broth, using a fermented seasoning paste, is uniquely Japanese and comes with many health benefits. The mazeman, a modern descendant, is ramen without the broth offering different types of toppings. Along with ramen, chef Gregg with offer his take on okayu or congee (a savory rice porridge) and small plate options.

TOCHI will offer an extensive selection of teas and an array of signature sake cocktails crafted by our staff of mixologists using house infused sake. There will also be specialty sake bombs as well as a wine and beer list that will complement our menu items.

TOCHI’s design will feature warm inviting tones and dark wood floors. A shoji-screen-divided dining room will offer intimate seating for small parties and bar height communal tables for larger gatherings. The open atrium up to Garden Room and the rooftop garden skylight create a casual and inviting dining experience for family and friends.

Visit www.tochimke.com for more information!