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  • “Spelunking”Spelunking

    Rendered in multi water based media on hard board and framed in black decorative metal frame . Inspired by a cave like environment where the ceiling is growing from the top down and the floor is trying to reach upward. Image Size: H30 x 48 Framed Size: H32 x 50 $1500.00

Janet Hudachek

  • Art
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artist bio

Janet Hudachek

Mostly self-taught, with scattered classes through-out her art history. Retirement brought about a transformation from hobby to a serious endeavor to produce and show art. Presently, Janet is the President of the Art Guild in Menomonee Falls, and a member of the Brookfield art group. These affiliations have provided a good deal of guidance to help with her goals.

Her driving force is the inspiration seen in everyday nature and the need to share it.Ja

artist statement

This exhibition is a collection of 2-d pieces titled “Out of my Mind” because rather than working from reality I tend to work from principles, theories and experiments. Learning to use the art of the angle and using color that makes the piece come alive and change perspective as the eye scans the subject. Working with the basic principles of color and angles to give the artwork depth.

My goal is to make the viewer question, think about what they are seeing and then smile.

Inspiration can come from patterns seen in geometry, on television, bridges, towers, in architecture almost anywhere.
You can see the inspiration in the artwork taken from packing materials, Frank Lloyd Wright principles of angles and planes, structures real or imagined and sometimes music.