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  • “DIscovering ll”DIscovering ll

    Discovering ll by Janet Hudachek is an Acrylic on Hardboard, framed in a bronze metal frame. Not quite fitting in this alotted space the piece is 60 inches high and 23 inches wide. The bottom 2 inches are cropped on this image. This piece will light up a room with its interesting angles. The inspiration was the packing material from my new printer. framed height 60 inches framed width 23 inches $1200

  • “Building Blocks”Building Blocks

    Building Blocks by Janet Hudachek is an Acrylic on plate finished Illustration Board, Framed in matte black metal frame. Scan this piece and watch the perspective change. Building Blocks used the 60 degree angle to create an interesting fun and illusional piece. Building Blocks is sized to be a focal point for the room. Image size: H40 x W30 Framed size: H40 x W30 Price $1200

Janet Hudachek

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Janet Hudachek

Mostly self-taught, with scattered classes through-out her art history. Retirement brought about a transformation from hobby to a serious endeavor to produce and show art. Presently, Janet is the President of the Art Guild in Menomonee Falls, and a member of the Brookfield art group. These affiliations have provided a good deal of guidance to help with her goals.

Her driving force is the inspiration seen in everyday nature and the need to share it.Ja

artist statement

Whether you are the artist or the art viewer the attraction to a single piece is your own personal connection to that piece, a memory, a dream, a thought. I may be inspired by a palette of colors that touches my senses or a visual that invokes a memory, or just a pleasing combination of the two that I want to share. Inspiration may be just the challenge of being able to reproduce the feeling of a visual that I have encountered. There are so many inspirations if you learn to look for them in nature.