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  • “Flight”Flight

    "Flight" is a Mixed Media work completed over two winters from the window of my upper floor home studio. At first sight a study of crowded backyard suburbia, bare tree branches and hesitant, wary birds, this piece also incorporates early flying machines into a wider landscape that questions the multiple insinuations of the word, "flight".

  • “Prediction”Prediction

    "Prediction" is a collage work with images drawn from various historical time periods as a study of how the thinking and methodologies used to predict events- in this case, weather events - have evolved over time. The idea came out of my readings about Copernicus and an astrological prediction in the year 1624.

  • “A Growing Season”A Growing Season

    This Mixed Media work, "A Growing Season", was accepted for exhibition in Continuum 2012, an exhibition of work by 120 UWM alumni artists. It was awarded "Best in Show" in the 2014 Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art Membership Exhibition. This piece explores the many forms and meanings of this concept - from the microscopic in nature to the endless dimensions of human expression.

Jean D. Sobon

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artist bio

Jean is a visual artist working mainly in mixed media, painting, drawing and occasionally, in printmaking.

Jean has both BS and MS degrees in Art Education from UWM. She is a member of Wisconsin Visual Artists, and a member and former board member/president of Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art (MATA). Jean is also a member of Walker's Point Center for the Arts, the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA), and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

artist statement

My work is currently focused on my investigations into what drives the behaviors of living things - with a close focus on we humans and the worlds of our imagination. My references are found in readings and imagery from psychology, mythology, animal and human learning studies, mystery novels, past and current events in the media, and in my own observations, dreams and musings on what motivates us, from without and within ourselves. I combine images within a work to explore the questions I'm asking from multiple, simultaneous perspectives. Often the questions I begin with lead to more questions and other artworks.

The images I use within a work are easily identifiable, but the contexts they reside within may not be, as these are a result of the interaction between the images, and what these suggest. The possibilities are limited only by the relationship between the artwork and the viewer's memory and imagination.

I work in layers, usually in transparencies- in materials as well as in my imagery. I've been working over a base of thin acrylic paint or over collaged, patterned papers to begin. I then apply collage in various papers, sometimes cut shapes, sometimes found imagery or drawings on thin papers, and will go back in with more washes or glazes of paint, or draw over surface areas. At times an idea will work best as a straight painting or purely as a collage, but most often my work combines several media.