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Melissa Musante

  • Film
  • Art
  • Music
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artist bio

Melissa Musante is a multi-disciplinary artist working in film/video, photography, gouache on paper, and acrylic on canvas.

Melissa trained as a filmmaker at the UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts with a BFA in Film & Theatre Management.

She is currently the Executive Director of the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network.

I am obsessed with materials. I am entranced by the textures of the support (canvas or heavy paper) and the way pigments mix on the support. Color is as important to my work as the materials I use. And the entire process is as much about movement as anything. The results are bold, moving statements of color. My paintings are purely an expression of the emotional release I feel during the act of creation. The colors and movement of the pieces capture the feeling of that moment of discovery when the canvas is blank and anything is possible.