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  • “Dancers #9”Dancers #9

    10.7X8.2 inches, brush & ink

Suzanne Rosenblatt

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  • Literature
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artist bio

I write travel journals, poetry, blogs, and memoirs, have performed with the Earth Poets and Musicians since 1988, draw wordrawings along Lake Michigan and moving dancers during performances, paint sunrises on the beach, do tai chi and yoga, dance whenever the music's danceable, bike, garden organically, and am an environmental and political activist. My publications include Everyone Is Going Somewhere (MacMillan), Memorandance (Marcel Dekker), and Shorelines (Gallery of Wisconsin Art), and illustrations in my daughter Sarah's books, On the Waterbed They Sank to Their Own Levels and One Season Behind (Carnegie Mellon University Press). I'm the wife of sculptor Adolph Rosenblatt, and we have three children and eight grandchildren. Web site:

artist statement

I play life by ear, travel with no plans, open to whatever comes along. That's why I went from visual artist to writer to performer, never giving anything up, just combining. I write in my drawings, sing and dance when performing my poems, collaborate with other artists, intertwine media whenever possible.
I've been painting all my life, and though the work keeps changing, certain involvements are constants: the fascination with light, shadow, and reflection, with movement and energy, with the relationship of forms, with the oneness of the image, with the intensity of the color.
Whether my subject is dancers, seascapes, portraits, I'm not trying to catch a given moment but the energy of a series of moments. And I'm always trying to keep the work spontaneous and alive.