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  • “Great Bird of the American Southwest”Great Bird of the American Southwest

    Acrylic, 36x24" 2019

  • “To Be Content, Like An Animal”To Be Content, Like An Animal

    Photoshop, 2019

  • “The Thought”The Thought

    Acrylic, 12x12" 2019

  • “An Adamant Day”An Adamant Day

    Photoshop, 2019

  • “Dwarfed by the Ruins of the Mission San Juan Capistrano (Cathedral)”Dwarfed by the Ruins of the Mission San Juan Capistrano (Cathedral)

    Acrylic, 30x40"

Pavonis Giron

  • Art
  • Design
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artist bio

Pavonis Giron is a Milwaukee based artist with a love of bold colors and a taste for exploration. Pavonis seeks to wrangle each new idea that comes their way; from abstract art, product design, visual development and children's illustration, Pavonis traverses new horizons with ease and eagerness to excel.

Pavonis is more than happy to help with editorial and book illustration projects, poster designs, asset creation, and other works including branding and graphic design, merchandise design and more traditional art such as paintings and murals.

artist statement

Pavonis' work is primarily abstract, evocative of the desert landscape they grew up in. Most pieces have roots in the smallness and insignificance felt when dwarfed by miles of nearly empty sand or in the shadows of looming mountains, with the occasional acknowledgement of effervescent features such as clouds and lightning. Pavonis' artistic goal is to reflect on the basic foundation of humanity and life as a whole, starting from a primordial soup-like stage of existence for living beings and a childlike approach to basic thoughts and impressions experienced as a human.

You can visit their website at www.pavonisgiron.com