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  • “Framed?”Framed?

    Wheel Thrown Raku Pottery 12" x 6" AVAILABLE ON ETSY

Ryan Peters

artist bio

My passion for clay began in 2003 when I found myself standing in the ceramics room of Waukesha West High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin. This is when I met Peter Loose, not just my ceramics teacher, but a mentor and a friend. Over those four years of working with him, I progressed from taking one section of ceramics my freshman year, to four sections my senior year. At this time I also advanced to working in a local clay studio the Waukesha Clay Art Guild(The Potters Shop). Pete introduced me to Raku in the spring of 2004 and I have embraced the element of surprise ever since.
I graduated Waukesha West in June of 2007. I attended the University of Wisconsin Whitewater in the fall of 2007 but did not return the following year, due to the academic aspects (homework) I viewed as roadblocks. Instead I decided I would pursue the route of being a full time potter. I travel to art shows during the summer show season as well as selling my work at galleries across WI.
I opened The Clinton St. Gallery at 801 Clinton St. in Downtown Waukesha, November 1st 2008; later expanded into 805 Clinton St. April 1st 2009. It was a 1200 sq. ft. fine art gallery, with an 800 sq. ft. ceramic studio. But in June 2010, I moved the gallery a block over to a beautiful location on our Main Street. We have been named the Best Art Gallery in Milwaukee ~WISN�s A-List, for 3 consecutive years. I teach private lessons and create all my work on site in my personal studio. I also demonstrate my Raku technique every Friday night June-September during Freeman Friday Night Lives.

artist statement

My work not only represents my personality but also the fact that I like to push things to the edge, both physically (pushing the clay body to its� limits) and also in terms of acceptability (what the public is willing to buy). I love to create things that keep the mind boggled, leaving questions like, what and why, but also figuring out a functional aspect to a seemingly functionless art form. It gives me great satisfaction to provide my customers with items they cannot find elsewhere, especially in commercial stores. I welcome criticism with open arms; rather than letting it stop me in my tracks, I grow from it, and I use it to push me forward in my creative process, trying to resolve issues that may be brought to my attention. Although I try to use criticism constructively, I always keep an open mind and remember that my opinion is most important. I love art and cannot get enough of it. I just keep discovering new techniques, whether it�s sitting behind the potters� wheel or firing a fresh load of Raku. The great thing about this is it seems to make my work process endless, which is something to look forward to.