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  • “Lady in the Wind”Lady in the Wind

    18x22 fluid painting with resin collage elements. part of the empowered and independence series on feminism.

  • “Blow the Doors Off”Blow the Doors Off

    22 in sqr collaged painting finished with resin. created and sold in the same week. Winter 2020

  • “Reflected Terrace”Reflected Terrace

    24x24 canvas experimental collage painting technique. finished spring 2019 https://bradenfineart.com/shop/reflectedterrace

  • “wild roses by the sea”wild roses by the sea

    30x40 impressionism commissioned painting- private collection in Chicago.

  • “sunset over mountains”sunset over mountains

    18x30 acrylic on canvas. traditional impressionism technique

  • “Spring In Bloom”Spring In Bloom

    Large Format Painting, 4.5x5.5 ft framed canvas. Mixed paint on untreated canvas in multiple layers and stages. started in spring 2018 finished in spring 2019. Available.

  • “Social Media Post”Social Media Post

    Instagram post featuring two 18x36 paintings (Mystic Forest & Dream Root). Both paintings sold in April of 2018.

  • “Herban Funfetti Pop”Herban Funfetti Pop

    18 inch diameter cut paper and resin work. layers of pink resin, gold glitter, ribbon, collaged into a dynamic composition.full of layered textures, transparency, hidden pictures.

  • “Obsession”Obsession

    16x20 mixed media piece

  • “Lady Intuition”Lady Intuition

    24 in sqr acrylic painting depicting a demigoddess of Intuition with her throat chakra open and exposed


    18X24 mixed media collage. layered drawings- analog collage, paint, layered resin and glitter

  • “Embrace the Tree”Embrace the Tree

    16x20 acrylic painting

  • “I voted, did you??”I voted, did you??

    11x14 analog collage, centered around a woman subject smoking a cigarette and looking very worried for the future.

  • “Lady in Red”Lady in Red

    9x12 painted collage- finished with resin- framed Shown in NYC in 2019, Sold in spring 2020

  • “Celebration”Celebration

    24x24 inch canvas layered with fluid acrylic, glitter, and mosaic mirrored pieces, layers of resin.

  • “Love is Love”Love is Love

    24x30 ink and fluid acrylic work

  • “Honey Drip”Honey Drip

    8x10 analog collage finished with art resin- Sold & shipped to San Diego in spring 2020

sarah braden

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artist bio

In 2016 Braden started commissioning and producing artwork professionally. Her work has evolved through stages. Sarah has come to accumulate three distinctive collections of work ranging from traditional landscape, trending forms with resin and fluid painting, and collage mixed media. Braden devotes as much time as possible to her art studio practice looking within looking deeper to find meaning in the work, while staying on the cusp of art marketing techniques. Sarah obtained her BFA in Illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) in 2007. Since 2016 Braden has shown and sold original works in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, New Orleans, Miami, Fort Collins, Los Angeles, and internationally. Sarah Braden is a visual artist living and working in Madison Wisconsin.

artist statement

Through the process in my mixed media collage work, different mediums are used throughout the different layers. Its starts by wanting to improve or update an existing work. Many of my fluid paintings and past works have been finalized and completed in this way. I find the focus shift using collage very interesting because the composition then becomes so much more than just swirling color. The collage medium becomes the focal point, painting and layering with resin and other mediums. The under-painting aids in the composition of the cut paper they support each-other as equal subjects of the work. The resin often encapsulating the careful sourcing and planning and sometime moments of chaos during a studio session. The resin sealing everything together in frozen form it is the most effective way that I have found to suspend multi dimensional materials of different textures permanently. The process has evolved a lot even in the last 3 years since I am constantly learning new techniques.
In my independent and empowered series, a single woman figure stands out amongst chaos. These models become our modern superwoman. Someone who can handle it all. Success and Social Life in a capitalist culture! Or someone who has had enough.. Some of the facial expressions I find are quite harrowing, they look crazed, or afraid, all being directed to pose a certain way. We see themes of independence, winning, success, love, indulgence and more, and from a distance that’s all it is, but look at the model’s face, where is she? When she is taken out of context the expression changes. Often she looks strong, and powerful. We see this especially in pieces like lady in the wind, we see you, and lady jade.