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    This is my fully-illustrated epic fantasy serial. New episodes release each week at Various local and national artists provide artwork. Sometimes I draw for the story, too!

Lisa England

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artist bio

A nomad at heart, Lisa England traveled the U.S. from earliest childhood, always with a book in hand. Her love for language and culture led her to teach in Asia. There she witnessed firsthand the true power of a well-told Story: transcending barriers of class, ethnicity and geography with universal human emotion.

Lisa returned home with a passion for Story. After finishing her master’s degree, she pursued Storytelling (writing, in particular) as a career. Her quest led her to everything from arts administration and film production to transmedia narratives and brand science. She also honed her visual Storytelling skills at Act One in Los Angeles.

Starting in 2010, various mentors challenged Lisa to begin sharing her Stories. It was a scary idea for a perfectionist, and for a long time, Lisa resisted out of fear. But thanks to relentless encouragement, she finally said “yes.” The JourneyCraft blog and a serialized fantasy, Rise of the Tiger, represent that next step.

When not writing her own stories, Lisa serves as Storyteller & Strategist at Flipeleven, the world’s most incredible digital agency. She also mentors new storytellers at the Art Institute of Wisconsin.

artist statement

My current work with a serialized fantasy novel, "Rise Of The Tiger." New installments drop at every Monday and Thursday.