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  • “Your Transition is Happening”Your Transition is Happening

    Mixed Media 2011

Kari Garon

  • Art
  • Literature
  • Music
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artist bio

Kari Garon is a multidisciplinary artist from Milwaukee, WI. Primarily recognized for her prints and collages of figurative forms, she communicates through intimate illustrative drawings and object making. Garon's work often focuses on addressing the contemporary political and sociological issues of identity, multiculturalism, and the American ideal. Her artwork has been displayed in exhibitions in state, national, and international galleries and educational institutions.

artist statement

As a transcultural adoptee, I attempt to recognize and address issues of colonialization and privilege that exist within American society. My work focuses on the continual fluctuation between that of real and imaginary personas; all created in an attempt to cope with a multiplicity of intersecting identities.