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  • “Flag Drawing Kit”Flag Drawing Kit
  • “Brass Flag for Illustrator”Brass Flag for Illustrator
  • “Many's A Wondrous Thing”Many's A Wondrous Thing
  • “Haul Away Home”Haul Away Home
  • “1636 to 1633”1636 to 1633
  • “Micro Pennant Wind Test”Micro Pennant Wind Test

    In this piece a 4" x 6" plaid pennant is brought to life by a small fan. When sent to a gallery, the attendant is asked to turn the fan on in the morning and off in the afternoon, record the times and the status of the thread count. The collected data is applied to a formula which will help determine the amount of time the flag will last in the wind in this controlled experiment.

Maggie Sasso

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artist bio

I received my BFA in woodworking and metalsmithing from Murray State University in 2006. During this time I served as Student Representative on the Board of the Furniture Society, and worked at Penland School of Craft one summer as Woodshop Coordinators Assistant.

In 2010 I received my MFA from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I made many bodies of work, including the Mobile Museum of Material Culture, a collaborative grant funded project featured in a documentary.

After graduate school I taught at the Oregon College of Art and Craft for one semester in the woodworking department, and worked as a visiting artist, which culminated in a solo exhibition at the Doppler PDX gallery in Portland.

In 2011 I moved to Milwaukee, WI. I volunteered as the curator of an exhibition series for the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, who has since hired me as their Operations Director. I teach as an adjunct lecturer at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

artist statement

I combine wood, metal and fibers to make objects and am at an exciting point in my studio practice; I have conviction and am skilled enough to iterate though ideas with quick precision. I use historical research of ocean charts and maritime navigators to inform my work. Recently, I have been exploring new artistic directions including the influence songwriting has on my work and producing objects that convey or are used in ceremony.

See more of my work on my website