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Arts in Milwaukee

A Public Service Of Milwaukee Artist Resource Network

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ART Milwaukee


ART Milwaukee started as an organization trying to create a social experience around art. Instead of strengthening the stereotypes around the art community, ART Milwaukee wanted to remove the pretension of fine art and make it accessible to the masses especially the young professional crowd that was thriving in Milwaukee.

Now ART Milwaukee strives to start ART Movement so strong it creates an art renaissance in Milwaukee that positively changes behavior and the culture to benefit every artist, organization and business. They want Milwaukee’s citizens to appreciate, experience and invest in creativity.


- We recognize that art comes in many mediums and we must create an infrastructure in which all forms are recognized and appreciated.

- We see art is valuable to all members of our community.

- We provide our community with multiple avenues to experience art.

- We build strong, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships between artists and art enthusiasts.

- We enlighten businesses on the value of supporting local artists.

- We ensure the sustainability of Milwaukee’s art scene by promoting emerging artists and providing art education and programming services to all ages.

- We support local businesses by utilization of their products, establishments and provide them with experiential marketing.

- We offer our community a medium to learn about art and encourage them to participate.