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  • “Man”Man

    Welded steel man and wood shoe form, 30 in tall at head

  • “devil”devil

    welded steel man and paint 30 in tall

  • “Head”Head

    Wall sculpture , 30 in tall 7 in deep , welded steel and paint

  • “tuna”tuna

    welded steel 50 in wide

  • “camo gun”camo gun

    wall sculpture welded steel 48 in wide x 30 in tall x 5 in deep

  • “flower vase”flower vase

    welded steel flowers and pot with paint

  • “steel doors”steel doors

    Wine cellar doors, 7ft tall 44 in wide combined

  • “Wisconsin Revolver”Wisconsin Revolver

    43 in wide wall hung sculpture, welded steel

  • “gun show”gun show

    Show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend, WI

Kendall Polster

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Weld Guy
5947 N. 35th St.
Milwaukee, 59 53209 US

(414) 461-5367
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I weld art and furniture for 20 years as my job, I own Weld Guy in Milwaukee, we do residential and restaurant interiors, furniture, sculpture, mixed media sculpture.


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