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Jerry Styberg

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artist bio

My interest in photography goes back to 1980 when I was able to purchase my first single lens reflex 35mm camera. We were going on a first trip to Europe and it was important to me to record the scenes that we would see …. and that I did on the first oversees trip and on many other vacations to follow. I took courses on composition and design in photography, experimented a lot, talked with other photographers, studied a lot of photographic work of the masters and tried to incorporate what I could into my growing love for capturing images of people and places.

All of this was a hobby because my “day jobs” included a 35-year career in health care planning and administration, specializing in physical rehabilitation and related services. As I was approaching retirement, I decided that I would next move into a 2nd career of the pursuit of fine art photography. And over the past half dozen years I have worked to refine my skills at the craft as well as to clarify an artistic vision that reflects my visual and conceptual point of view. Along the way I have been graced by the association with an insightful photographic mentor and friend, made many new friendships and worked on projects with other fine art photographers and participated in dozens of photography exhibitions.

My work can be viewed at jcstybergphotography.com

artist statement

I make photographic art to express a connection with the world environment. I am drawn to experience and express the unique moment where the subject takes over -- where the photographer becomes merely a vehicle for communication with the essence of the subject. Art and life are intertwined -- our art reflects who we are and how we experience our world. I am a firm believer in the presence of the Muse -- a spirit guide that is present when taking the time to be calmly present to a subject -- thus letting the image unfold in a magical way.

The pursuit of fine art photography offers continuous challenges to probe more deeply and carefully into common everyday experiences. I work to create photographic images that may fill a need for visual contemplation and reflection. My work is offered to simply share a personal viewpoint. When a work speaks to you, then I feel I have been successful.


    Fatima Laster – My limited-edition archival prints are available for sale at 5 Points Gallery. Check out their current exhibit.


““Art does not reproduce the invisible; rather it makes it visible.” ”
Paul Klee