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  • “Play the Game”Play the Game

    20x32 inches - Acrylic on 2 different pieces of hardboard, then attached together. Also, lots of old Letraset numbers were used.

  • “Beautiful”Beautiful

    8x11 inches - ink on 150 year old paper

  • “JumboX”JumboX

    36x48 Inches - Acrylic on Canvas

  • “Wandering”Wandering

    Approx 12x14 - Acrylic on Hardboard, and scrap wood assemblage

  • “Just One More”Just One More

    16x20 inches - Acrylic on Birchwood

  • “Happy Home”Happy Home

    11x14 inches - Acrylic on Birchwood

  • “I Um.... I don't have a home”I Um.... I don't have a home

    12x24 inches - Acrylic on Hardboard

  • “Grimmer Jim”Grimmer Jim

    9x12 inches - Acrylic on Hardboard - Created for a show put on by Gallery 1988 and Topps cards honoring Garbage Pail Kids. My painting is a recreation of the card "Grim Jim" from the 80's

  • “Nesting”Nesting

    Customized "Shawnimal Plushform" and custom made nest.

  • “My Head... it's”My Head... it's

    12x24 Inches - Acrylic on Hardboard

  • “The Escape”The Escape

    24x24 Inches - Acrylic on Canvas

James Demski - JIMBOT

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Milwaukee, WI 53215
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artist bio


James (JIMBOT) Demski lives in Milwaukee, WI with his wife, his daughter, his 2 dogs, and possibly a captive robot he keeps in his basement. After graduating from art school, James began re-programming his over-schooled brain, and took work as a freelance artist... he has been doing it ever since. Besides painting and sculpture, he really enjoys working on his plans for world domination, and creating his robot army.

September 2010 – Jimbot WINS the paul Frank Art Attack contest! Out of almost 2000 entries, Jimbot won first place! You can check out an interview I did for Paul Frank here: Paul Frank Interview
September 2010 – Interview on website: This is an interview I did for You can read the full interview here: Juxtapoz Interview
September 2010 – Interview on website: This is an interview I did for You can read the full interview here: Theme Interview
October 2010 – Jimbot is on back cover of October 2010 issue of Juxtapoz magazine.
October 2010 – Jimbot is one of the artists featured in Issue 6 of Bluecanvas Magazine
November 2010 – Jimbot was one of the featured artists in issue #9 of ColorInk Book
November 2010 – Jimbot spread in issue #11 of Artbox Magazine
March 23rd, 2011 -Jimbot was the featured artist for ArtMail Milwaukee

artist statement

James Demski - JIMBOT's influence comes from his childhood, and the fears that followed him as he grew up. Influence from cartoons, comics, toys, fun, insecurities, happiness and anger all intermingle and flow in his work. He brings this all together in paintings, drawings and mixed media. His work usually deals with his own different emotions and feelings, but you also will see him dealing with his own demons as well. More than anything, he likes to have fun with his imagery. However, much of it is not directly clear as to what it all means to the viewer. He welcomes his viewers to take everything he has put out there and let them establish their own ideas of his world, much like we are left to interpret the real world on our own.