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  • “Insides Out”Insides Out

    Insides Out is a series of ongoing shop dropping events. These found garments are screen printed with their enlarged garment labels, revealing their country of origin and material makeup. Clothing is an extremely consumable product with an increasingly high turnover. Clothing has become an artifact of âthrow awayâ culture due to its availability and remarkably low cost to the consumer.

Shannon Lee Molter

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artist bio

Shannon Lee Molter is a Fiber artist working in natural materials, exploring environmental history. She received her BFA from the Peck School of the Arts in Fibers, Art Education, and Philosophy in May of 2010.

Molter has participated in several Art Fashion runway shows at the Mitchell Park Domes Conservatory and Milwaukee Art Museum. She exhibits sculptural work in galleries throughout Milwaukee, nationally with the Surface Design Association in Kansas City, and internationally in the Netherlands and Italy. Shannon is currently an artist-in-residence at the 10th Street Gallery in downtown Milwaukee, where she is developing sculpture that breaks boundaries between art, performance and authorship.

artist statement

I am a Fiber artist, art educator and story teller. I work in a number of media, from garment making to sculpture, and site specific installation. My artwork investigates the origin story; the history of humans and our progression through time. I use found, recycled or appropriated materials to explore this topic in relation to the natural environment.