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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “Downtown Milwaukee”Downtown Milwaukee

    Pen and ink and watercolor

  • “Shorewood Home”Shorewood Home

    Pen and ink with colored pencil

  • “Reindeer Ride”Reindeer Ride

    Colored Pencil

  • “Streets of San Francisco”Streets of San Francisco

    Pen and Ink sketch

  • “Third Ward Cafe”Third Ward Cafe

    Acrylic on Canvas

  • “The Skaters”The Skaters

    Pastel on colored stock

Ann Thomas

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

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Ann Thomas Illustration

Milwaukee, Wi Un

(414) 476-3026

artist bio

Artist Ann Thomas is widely recognized for her fine architectural style renderings of homes, businesses and landmark buildings in pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor and acrylic. She exhibits her work at a number of art shows. Ann is also known for her detailed images used in children's books, greeting cards and other print media. Ann freelances out of her home studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is a part time instructor in the Graphic Design Department of Mount Mary College in Milwaukee. She can be contacted at

artist statement

Through detail and layering in pen and ink, colored pencil, watercolor and pastels, I envision happy children ice skating, the moon and the planets telling jokes, record aged structures and places holding fond memories. Please enjoy!