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  • “White&Gold Collection”White&Gold Collection

    This is one of many new pieces I've been working on for a new production series. The series is fabricated out of copper, powder coated and finished off with gold-filled chains and clasps. For fall, there will also be a Black&Gold Collection and a Red&Gold Collection. Stay tuned! For more information about this line go to:

  • “Lake Winnebago and Lake Erie”Lake Winnebago and Lake Erie

    This is a commissioned necklace. The two lakes are represented in enamel on copper, tab set in silver and hung on a silver curb chain with beads. For more information:

  • “Exploding Brooch”Exploding Brooch

    These are CNC machined copper brooches, coated in spray paint and secured with a steel pin. They are part of a larger group of work, which is accessible here:

  • “B100 - C100 Earring Series”B100 - C100 Earring Series

    B100 - C100 Earring Series, is an on-going production line of oxidized silver earrings, soon to include necklaces. These are made to order and are one-of-a-kind. More information here:

  • “Stack Rings”Stack Rings

    Stack rings are in my production series. They are made of sterling silver and semitransparent black acrylic. They are made to order. Price is dependent on size. Additional materials are available. More information here:

  • “Pitting Knife”Pitting Knife

    This knife is part of a series of four. They are made out of stainless steel and concrete. More information here:

Caitlin Driver

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I am an entrepreneur, metalsmith and jewelry designer. I am currently starting a business that focuses on creating custom, innovative, handmade jewelry to advance contemporary fashion and wear.