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Steven White

  • Music
  • Film
  • Dance
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artist bio

A classically trained musician, Steven J. White works with filmmakers, choreographers and theater groups composing and performing many genres of music. Whether scoring to picture, improvising on stage with dancers or playing in a jazz combo his work communicates the emotions of the moment.

Steven started playing professionally while attending music school in the mid-1980s. Bands ranging from top-40 acts on large stages to duos and trios performing in intimate venues and house concerts, his love of performing and connecting with audiences is always present.

He plays jazz regularly with Southeastern Wisconsin and Chicago musicians in Milwaukee and Kenosha. Steven is also collaborating as composer, programmer and mix engineer with Hartford, CT composer Dan Lis on a collection of electronic music, 'Swing of the Pendulum'.

Dan and Steven have never met in person or even spoken to each other on the phone. The idea to work together remotely was sparked through finding each other through social media. They realized the similarities and differences of their musical approaches would make for a powerful and challenging collaborative experience. 'Swing of the Pendulum' will be digitally distributed on Bandcamp as well as on limited run boutique physical artifacts.

Steven is also composing music for 6-string fretless bass guitar to be recorded and performed live using looping technology. He is signed to Any and All Records.

artist statement

Themes in the visual world have musical counterparts. But this doesn't imply standards set in stone. Understanding the narrative and working with other artists connects the context of their work to the emotion of my music.

I create music to complete a picture by communicating and supporting the work's emotions. When I add to a work, whether it's hanging in a gallery, being danced on stage or acted in film or video, my music is there to bring depth to the emotions of the scene.


    Dance Circus – I have worked with Betty Salamun's dance troupe for three seasons creating sound designs and music. This season I have compositions and a live solo improv performance on my 6-string fretless bass for IN//VIS//ABLE.