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  • “My Old Head”My Old Head

    acrylic on plaster, sword, wig, ink on paper 42x10x8 inches January 2011

John Riepenhoff

artist bio

**John is one of the artists affected by the Center Street fire on July 17th 2012, losing not only storage and personal studio space, but his Green Gallery West space.

John Riepenhoff is an artist, curator, gallery director, art fair co-organizer and inventor of artistic platforms for the expression of others. Riepenhoff opened The Green Gallery while still an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His first solo show, Group Show, took place in 2010 at the Jackpot Gallery in Milwaukee, and his work and projects have been presented at the Tate Modern and Frieze Art Fair (London); Gavin Brown’s Enterprise and the Swiss Institute (New York); Angstrom Gallery and Ooga Booga (Los Angeles); Tokyo 101 Art Fair (Tokyo); Kölnischer Kunstverein (Cologne); Karma International (Zurich); Fredric Snitzer Gallery (Miami); The Suburban (Oak Park, Illinois); Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Western Exhibitions (Chicago); Madison Museum of Contemporary Art; Milwaukee Art Museum, Inova, Lynden Sculpture Garden, Dean Jensen Gallery, Small Space, nAbr gallery (Milwaukee). Most recently, he opened a meta-gallery at Pepin Moore in Los Angeles, where he is regularly programming a John Riepenhoff Experience.