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  • “WET.”WET.

    Work Three: Wet. Year: 2013 Materials :Acrylic on Canvas Dimensions: 16"x20" Description: "Wet." illustrates the level of anger and powerlessness we've all known - when we realize that there are situations in life we have very little or absolutely no control over. "Wet." reminds us of the importance to "keep our cool" no matter how much we resent the predicament we may be in.

Irena Mandic

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artist bio

Eshi Otawara is the alternative name of artist Irena M. Morris. The name originated within online virtual world Second Life(R) where Eshi pioneered a "not possible in real life" line of virtual couture dresses in 2008. The dresses followed her first creation, the "Fish Hook Dress", which was auctioned to benefit Relay For Life and still holds the record of the most expensive virtual clothing item ever sold in any virtual world ($2000). Eshi is currently working on a series of character paintings called Poe The Cat.


CEDARBURG ART MUSEUM - Live painter, September 8th, Museum Grand Opening

TIMELINE - Red Line Milwaukee, exhibitor, July 25th

REPURPOSED RUNWAY (garment design competition) - Red Line Milwaukee

MAM - Live painter at Milwaukee Art Museum, March 24th


REPURPOSED RUNWAY (garment design competition) - Honorable Mention for Garbage Bag Dress Black Dahlia

Red Line Milwaukee Resident Emerging Artist


"Rinascimento Virtuale" Museum of Natural History at the University of Florence, Italy - Exhibitor

Collaborative Virtual Exhibit with Stanford University Library


Parsec - Virtual Space Architect

Second Life (Virtual World) - Gallery Owner, Exhibitor

"Fishook Dress" work published in The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Effects, Fourth Edition by Isaac Kerlow


Acadiana Arts Council - Sustained Winds, before-during-after (National Tour Exhibit)


McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana - Annual Faculty Exhibit

McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana - Student Juried Exhibition - Best Mixed Media Honorable Mention


Rikenjak's Brewery, Lake Charles, Louisiana - Independent Exhibit with M.B. Miller

artist statement

I create art inspired by my life experiences, relationships with people, nature and subtle energies of life. I tell stories encoded into visual art expressions, from virtual dresses to paintings. There is nothing more rewarding to me than to inspire the spectator or make the spectator laugh or feel captivated by my expressions and entirely in the moment. I am an artist on a mission to provide relief by distracting the spectator with inspiring, unexpected or just plain silly. <3, Eshi