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  • “Golden”Golden

    14" x 14" 2012 Oil

Annie Swarm Guldberg

  • Art
I am an Art Professional

artist bio

I was born in Windsor, Colorado. My family (parents and older brother) moved to Iowa in my early teens to be closer to family. It was in high school that I really began to enjoy creating artwork and discovered that I love painting in oils. I moved to Milwaukee to attend Wisconsin Lutheran College where I received my B.A. in Art in 2005. My husband Nils and I live in Pewaukee with our son, Thorsen, and our very fat cat, Katie. I work out of my studio at The Springs Gallery and Studios in Waukesha, WI.

artist statement

My artwork is inspired by color, dreams, music lyrics, personal experiences and sometimes even reality. I paint from a deep place inside my heart and soul, and creating art brings me great personal therapy and enjoyment. Painting is and always will be a treasured part of my life. I love to hear different interpretations of what people see in my work and I would love to talk art (or any other subject) with you anytime.