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  • “"Milwaukee Wisconsin"”

    This organized collection of early Milwaukee photographs (1860-1960) shows how folks of all types and income levels lived, worked, and played. Nearly all of these photos were previously unpublished. Early pictures of the Zoo, an 1890's artist studio, MATC, Mount Mary College, soldiers from the Civil War to WW II, the original scoreboard at Milw. County Stadium, children's toys, home parties, building a sewer, musicians of all types, and Alexander Mitchell, father of General Billy Mitchell, to name but a few examples. An Index lists all family and business names in the book. The Appendix lists all of Milwaukee's street name changes that happened around 1931. Your grandparents will love this book, as will you if you enjoy history.

  • “"Langlade County"”

    Langlade County is one of Wisconsin's Great North Woods areas, in a time when most folks lived a near-pioneering life. All of the photos in this book were taken by a small town (Antigo) photographer named A.J. Kingsbury. Mr. Kingsbury was never content to simply run a studio. Beginning business in 1906, he drove his Model T Ford (pictured on p. 34) over the rough, back-woods dirt roads of five far north counties, from Langlade to the Michigan border. Chapters include: Railroading, including 12+ small town Depots Menominee Tribe Ojibwe Tribe Logging industry Tourism "up North" the photographer's life Antigo, the County Seat

Richard Klatte Prestor

  • Literature
I am a Literary Professional

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artist bio

Combining my 30 years experience of collecting original photographs of the19th and early 20th centuries, with a fair eye as an amateur photographer, I developed a lifelong desire to "see" American history, not just read about it.

My published photo books are "Milwaukee, Wisconsin" and "Langlade County" (published by Arcadia Publishing). These books were created as a parttime effort, over several years. Also, I wrote one chapter in the published 1991 booklet, "Spectators, A Gulf War Anthology."

Two fine advantages of photographic history books? First, for the general public, these photo-histories can be a fun way to see, and understand, how their grandparents lived. And secondly, their bookstore shelf lives are not limited to three months; they are often available on store shelves for many years. My "Milwaukee, Wisconsin" book has been selling steadily since late 1999.

My history-related articles have been published in the websites "America's Black Holocaust Museum" and "Milwaukee Ethnic News," also in "The Antigo Daily Journal" newspaper, and in the "Wisconsin Writers Association" newsletter. For two and a half years, my monthly columns about Wisconsin history were printed in "WiscoM," the newsletter of Mensa of Wisconsin. My short humor bits in the 1981 book, "Who's Nobody in America" were written about in "Milwaukee Magazine" (Dec. 1981).

Now retired from my old daily job, I am able to work on a photo book about World War II. As that proceeds, I wish to find a co-author for my memoir book about running backstage security at Wisconsin's major 1970s concerts.

Original photos that I photographed have been published in the newspapers "Shepherd Express" (on the cover, c.2001), and "The Compass" (Bay View) -- as well as in the book, "Latinos in Milwaukee." My original photos are also on the website "ZIP MKE" and the Facebook page of "Nightmare Before Christmas Bay View."

artist statement

I simply wish to help expose more of the general public to the wonders of photography and our American history. For many folks who would never read a regular history book, interesting photographs provide a bridge to carry them into our fascinating past.
To understand our past is to be better prepared for our future.