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School Factory, Inc.

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About the School Factory: Founded over 10 years ago, this organization’s purpose is to overhaul the way human beings learn, work and create. There are 2 main elements to the organization:
1) Space Federation: 40+ (and growing) members across the US that operate collaborative/shared spaces for individuals & groups to work, play, teach, learn, collaborate and create. Bucketworks is an example here in Milwaukee.
2) Schools for Communities: Collaborative & nonconformist learning/teaching programs that can be hosted in any space and in which anyone can participate. Examples that are hosted in Milwaukee are: Web414, DrawCamp, Wordpress MKE, The World’s Stage


The School Factory as a whole exists to form value-creating communities and spaces that transform public education and public learning by linking communities, economies, and talent.

The Space Federation mission is to provide connective and organizational support to open communities in shared physical spaces who use innovative methods and technology in hands-on education.

The Emergentcy Schools mission is to create, replicate, and support patterns that engage people in the creation of communities of practice that emerge from a shared passion for learning.