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  • “Outer Office Space”Outer Office Space

    2013 Digital Print

  • “Fishing For Radiowaves”Fishing For Radiowaves

    2013 Digital Print

  • “Walking In Space”Walking In Space

    2013 Digital Print


    2013 Digital Print

  • “Dragon's Desire”Dragon's Desire

    2013 30 x 40 Hand cut paper.

  • “Personal Space”Personal Space

    2013 14 x 21 Hand Cut Chibori Paper

  • “Dragon's Backyard”Dragon's Backyard

    18 x 24 inches Hand cut paper, colored pencils 2012

  • “Defensive Dray-Gon!”Defensive Dray-Gon!

    2012 Hand Cut Paper 28 x 32 inches

Anja Notanja Sieger

  • Art
  • Literature
I am an Art Professional I am a Literary Professional

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artist bio

Anja Notanja received her BFA in printmaking and creative writing from the
Kansas City Art Institute in 2009. Since then she has traveled to France, worked in a puppet theater, done street performance and moved back home to Milwaukee. Her stories have aired on the radio as a 2011 Ex Fabula All Star. She served as an arts administration protégée for the Milwaukee Artist's Resource Network's 2011-12 season. On September 24th, 2013, her performance writing art service "La Prosette" was featured on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She is currently an artist-in-resident at In Tandem Theatre and a writer-in-residence at Renaissance Theaterworks, Milwaukee.

Anja hosts and coordinates Writer's Wednesdays at MARN.

She accepts commissions, collaborations and much of her work is for sale on her own website.

artist statement

The spirit of Notanja is sneaky, swift and precise when moving through space. Notanja is a tour guide showing you, the visitor the innards the person they reside in. When it is recognized as a familiar place to visitors, then those innards become the innards of the world. Stories told on Notanja's tour are meant to reflect the adventures of all those who suffer the trials of life.

Anja's Art Website:
Anja's Creative Letter Writing Service: