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  • “flowing, life-giving waters”flowing, life-giving waters

    the silk-screened print is quilted before stretching and lettering for a wonderful 3-D effect

  • “water”water
  • “some prints displayed”some prints displayed
  • “fall leaf”fall leaf
  • “Potter print”Potter print
  • “a popular print”a popular print
  • “my 2011 Advent/Christmas banner”my 2011 Advent/Christmas banner
  • “an exhibit space”an exhibit space

    This was my exhibit at the 2011 Chicago Catechetical Conference--we were space challenged, but things turned out ok in the end :)

Carol Loomis

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Creating has always been essential to me, to who I am and who I am becoming. As with all artists, my art has evolved as I have grown, and it has often been a part of the growth. It is my hope that my artwork will touch hearts, and will be encouraging and life-giving to others.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved creating. This creativity has found various expressions over the years. Without a formal background in art, a lot of my artwork is intuitive and/or learn as you do. For quite some time, I have done artwork by commission or request in a variety of media. This has included pieces of art for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, a school banner, etc. In addition, I have designed and executed a number of note cards, posters, bookmarks, and other items. Recently, I have concentrated on prints--silkscreened and other--often done on fabric, usually stretched and sometimes framed. Often the print is hand-lettered also. I have been exhibiting and selling my work in a number of venues and I exhibit throughout the Milwaukee area as well as in other cities.

Learn more at my website: www.magnifythelordartwork.com and/or my blog: www.magnifythelordartwork.blogspot.com/