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  • “My first book”My first book

    In 1925, the peaceful Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa found itself involved in mystery and horror. Eight-year-old Arthur âBuddyâ Schumacher Jr. was last seen by three of his friends after they hopped off a freight train theyâd jumped to get a ride to a nearby swimming hole. For seven weeks, the community and state searched desperately to find the boy until his body was found just a mile from his house with his clothing torn and a handkerchief shoved down his throat. The police pursued several promising leads, but to no avail. Paul Hoffman walks us back to the scene of the crime and through the reasons it was never solved.

Paul Hoffman

  • Literature
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artist bio

I was born in Madison, Wisconsin, and was raised in Wauwatosa. I'm a graduate of Wauwatosa East High School and attended both the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, graduating from UWM with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications (Radio/TV) and a minor in English.

My nearly 30-year career in journalism consists of working as a sports writer at the Milwaukee Sentinel; assistant sports editor at Pioneer Press newspapers in the Chicago area; sports editor and news editor in Shelbyville, Indiana; news editor in Columbus, Indiana; and I've been special publications editor at the Daily Journal in Franklin, Indiana since January 2001.

I recently had my first book published: "Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher." The book is about an 8-year-old boy who disappeared in the summer of 1925. His body was found seven week later about a mile from his house. Much more info at

I am a member of the Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County and Wisconsin historical societies.

I'm married, have three daughters, a son and two stepdaughters and live in Columbus, Indiana, making frequent trips to the Milwaukee area.

artist statement

I've always been interested in discovering the truth, which is impossible unless you've experienced it. And even then, our senses can play tricks on us.

In order to get as close to truth as possible, I seek out facts ... as many facts as I can through as many means as possible. When I've done that, I've gotten as close to the truth as I can. Then, it's time to present those facts, along with any hypotheses they may point to, in an interesting, entertaining way for the reader.

My style is very easy to read; I try to avoid words most people would have to look up in a dictionary, since most people don't look up words in the dictionary .. or even online. Some may say my style is simple, but to get the facts I've found into the minds of as many people as possible, I prefer it that way,