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  • “Off to the Falls”Off to the Falls

    An 8x8 Acrylic on Studio wrapped Canvas. SOLD


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artist bio

Peter was born in Milwaukee to German immigrant parents. Like his father he enjoyed painting and of course painted european land scapes. During art school classes at Milwaukee Tech, the instructor was passonate that artists paint what they know. Peter began painting American landscapes based on actual experiences. The Milw.Tech enviroment was industrial and historic which also influenced his work toward pencil sketches of arcitechtual details.

Out of school and working as a technical illustrator Peter's work switched to pen & ink renderings and he also became the companies staff cartoonist. This is where combining ink and watercolors entered his body of works. As computers entered the work enviroment his professional art career centered around cartooning and photoshop creations.

Downsized out of his field he missed the creative aspect of his job and the freelance work was more difficult to come by. Peter then discovered an artistic group starting up in his current home town. The Art Guild of Menomonee Falls gave him the new spark to paint again. Starting with small watercolors of childhood greeting card style pieces, he has evolved with the guild's variety of show themes. Peter has tried different styles and mediums and has anchored into 3 areas. Cartooning is still a fun part of his work he enjoys doing to break away from the serious works. He chooses watercolors for certain subjects for the right feel. Finally Peter's use of acrylics has brought more attention to his talents as an artist. Creating little 4x6 images of still lifes and little critters allows people to purchase original art for small spaces at reasonable cost. Peter loves to include trees and wildlife in his work and especially likes to replicate interesting lighting created by the sun, moon and clouds. He is currently trying to build up a body of work to gain local gallery representation, after having sold work in a gallery in Stockholm WI.
Visit: www.penandmousestudio.com to see some of his work

artist statement

Capturing the Scenery, Nostalgia, and Humor of the Midwest - I enjoy the bond between myself, my clients and the general public. When they see my work, their faces light up before sharing personal memories. Although I have three distinctly different bodies of work, I often connect with visitors across the board. All three mediums are strongly rooted here in Wisconsin and surrounding areas. This connection lets me rekindle a time or place for those viewing my work.