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  • “Trust Me”Trust Me

    Though we can not physically hold the hand of Jesus. This painting symbolizes the comfort and support that God will give us if only we would rely on Him. Psalm 73:23

  • “Family”Family

    Painting displaying the joy of a multi generational family happy communing around the dinner table.

  • “Modern Day Miracles”Modern Day Miracles

    Painting inspired by the Covid 19 pandemic created to give hope to those who are battling the virus.

  • “Panhandler”Panhandler

    Inspired by Panhandlers in the city of Milwaukee seen during my commute

  • “Sibling Love”Sibling Love

    Painting inspired by a photo of my niece and nephew grocery shopping with their mom the only way my nephew would stop crying was by sitting next to his sister in the shipping cart.


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artist bio

Bolanle Awosika resides in West Allis, WI. She is the founder of Mission Art Gallery.
Recipient of the Georgia O’ Keefe award for Artistic Potential 1998. Bolanle has exhibited in Amani & Metcalfe Park Art Gallery 2019. Bolanle is currently working on illustrations for a children’s book.

artist statement

Art is a vehicle that affords me the opportunity to share encouraging messages visually. My desire is through my unique visual language to create pieces of art that positively illuminate the atmosphere of the home, business or community where my art is viewed. My goal is that through my artwork individuals will celebrate the wonderful blessing in their lives and are comforted and strengthen when they are in the mist challenging life circumstances. My proficiency is acrylic painting I utilize color and a wide variety symbols to convey my messages to the viewer.