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  • “No Title”No Title

    Mixed Media, 28" x 35"

Albin Erhart

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artist bio

With a sense for the unique and expressive, self-taught artist, Albin Erhart has developed a style all his own.

His use of media combined with out-of-the box creativity, transfer to the canvas in a playful splash of color. The humorous and challenging experiences in his own life have earned their place in many of his works.

Albin loves to share ideas with other artists which helps push himself beyond his limits. Working with Terrence Coffman in the abstract to ekphrastic art with poet Paula Schulz and Khristian Kay has stretched his artistry. Working with the boys at St. Amellian-Lakeside Residential Care Unit has given him a wealth of experience in life and self-expression.

As a man inspired by his faith, Erhart recently published a book called “Choices”, which features 48 profound, illustrated verses from Solomon combined with David Eberhart’s reflections of the Proverbs.

Born in south Germany, Erhart feels his work has been inspired by both his life in Germany and the United States. He has been a resident of Wisconsin since 1999.

Erhart’s work has been exhibited in a number of international and local exhibits and has recently gained the interest of private collectors.

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