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Francesca Simonite

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artist bio

Francesca Simonite is a visual artist and photography instructor currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Francesca possesses a BA in Studio Art, an MA in Teaching from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and an MFA in Photography from Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York. She most recently taught analog photography as an adjunct faculty at St. Edwards University and beginning and advanced digital photography at O. Henry Middle School in Austin, Texas. Francesca was awarded a graduate teaching fellowship at Brooklyn College and participated in a month-long artist residency in Ilhabela, Brazil. Her work has been recognized by Photographer’s Forum, Trinity University and the School for International Training. Francesca's work was most recently up in the group exhibition, “Superimpose” at Paradice Palase in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been exhibited in Texas, New York, Kentucky, Seattle and is included in the University Hospital Collection in San Antonio, Texas.

artist statement

Growing up in a family of photographers has caused me to question what photography actually is and how it influences the way I understand my own experiences and memories. I believe that language works in similar ways as photography, informing how I remember and forget moments in time. In an attempt to explore the subjectivity and reality of the visual image and the written word, I manipulate personal 35mm snapshots and written memories, which I have accumulated over time. Thinking of myself as a camera, I am interested in seeing what happens when I physically alter the photographic image and words themselves. I question whether the act of cutting, dissecting and rearranging my personal archive of photographs and text makes these moments more true to my original experiences, or just as false as a single frame, print or word.