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  • “Riverlet Road”Riverlet Road

    Water pools in this forest continuing to feed thriving and dying trees. This is a oil on canvas framed painting.

  • “Enchanted”Enchanted

    Picking out specific color in this city garden and applying them with acrylics inspired this piece. This is a 24x30" image painted on canvas.

  • “Peak Colors”Peak Colors

    Always on the hunt for life in a forest, like this image at Lapham Peak, or through a grove or lone tree, it’s the odor of composted leaves and the vibrancy of light and fullness of these creatures I seek, over and over again. My experience keeps skipping on the same note, but renders a deeper view, a place to linger for a while -- a place that I never want to leave.

Kathleen Pulz

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Kathleen Leahy Pulz
Milwaukee, WI 53212


artist bio

Kathleen Leahy Pulz studied art, dance and english at the University Of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee, graduating at Milwaukee Area Technical College with an Associates Degree in Television Production. After raising four children with her husband, she turned her attention toward painting and enrolled in a painting workshop, then enrolled in UW-Milwaukee for art classes. She is mostly self-taught.

Since 2004, she has participated in Plein Air competitions (winning first and second place awards), West Side Gallery events, and Art Crawls.

Most noteworthy and recent commissions include three wall size acrylic paintings as well as six partial wall paintings that hang in the San Camillo assisted living facility in Wauwatosa. Most of her other works reside in private collections in the U.S. as well as in the Wisconsin State Capital Building.

Kathleen Leahy Pulz was born to a large family and raised in the Milwaukee area and lives with her husband in Wauwatosa.

artist statement

It wasn't until my oldest child graduated high school did I start taking painting workshops and playing with oil paint on my own, eventually developing the steady practice I have now.

Going into nature is what I seek regularly – sometimes to tackle a mood but often I'm chasing the light, smell, or color. I take my camera with me always, because there is often something new I notice-- and that becomes my inspiration for my paintings.
I generally paint with oil -- I love the texture and rich color of it, and the slow way it dries. I also paint with acrylics--usually with my larger paintings, and then add some oil paints depending on the effect I want. It allows me to be more playful and loose.

I think I'm quite an ordinary person, having an ordinary existence. Painting is how I pay attention and deliver to myself moments that can seem extraordinary in their simplicity. My goal is to explore my truths--in nature, in life, and in art.