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  • ““Lake Michigan””“Lake Michigan”

    Created by members and staff of the Grand Avenue Club of Milwaukee, WI. The Grand Avenue Club is a community that provides an array of opportunities for people who have experienced mental illness. 3' X 4' 2019

  • ““Lake Michigan” detail”“Lake Michigan” detail

    Smallmouth bass and tail of chinook salmon. The plant is an elodea. 2019

  • ““Lake Michigan” detail”“Lake Michigan” detail

    Steelhead trout. This fish has my name on it. Can you find it? 2019

Miriam Sushman

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artist bio

Before becoming a mosaic artist Miriam Sushman worked as a photojournalist in the USA and Israel. Her passion for mosaics was ignited seven years ago while working on a mixed media table. Having learned to work with a variety of mosaic methods and materials, she has taught workshops and classes to children, teens and adults. In 2019 she led a group of Grand Avenue Club members and staff in the creation of a community mural entitled “Lake Michigan”, which is now installed in the Water Street entrance.

artist statement

I find that mosaics, more than any other art that I have done is a meditative experience in which the artist loses herself and the materials themselves guide the creative process. I work spontaneously only after thinking about intended projects, sometimes months or a year in advance. I am inspired by nature, my childhood collections and the many discarded objects that I find or buy. With each new material that I learn to use, new ideas come forth and in this way I continue to grow as an artist. Working on community mosaics and teaching are especially rewarding.