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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “Turtles III”Turtles III

    This is a watercolor where I have tried to push myself with painting as much color as I interpret should be in the painting. I like turtles so this painting was fun to do.

Margo Wolfe

artist bio

I have been drawing since I was in grade school so my earliest recollections were drawing the family cat and kittens. My mother loved to draw and my father was an artist making his living as an industrial designer for a display company in Ohio. So art is in my blood. I have had some art classes in high school and college but most of my art education has been self-taught with an occasional evening painting class. In between raising 4 children, earning a living and helping my husband with his businesses I sporadically pursued my art.

A few years ago I decided and joined the Milwaukee Sketch Club (, which was started back in the 1920s in Milwaukee, and St. John’s Artists group. I sometimes paint plein air finishing back in my studio from photographs.

artist statement

I am a Wisconsin artist using watercolor, water soluble oils and drawing tools to depict the world around me. I am continually looking for ways to express my creativity. My goal for the next few years is to diligently pursue my passion of creating art pieces from the world around me that may trigger similar personal emotions in the viewer. Whether this is with graphite, watercolors or oils I will be open to any medium that will express what I feel.