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Brad Anthony Bernard

artist bio

Brad Anthony Bernard is an Assistant Professor of Art at Mount Mary College and for over 15 years has established himself as a painter, muralist, and educator in the city of Milwaukee. Bernard graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and the University of Mississippi, Oxford having received a Bachelor of Fine Art and Master of Fine Arts, respectively.

He was co-founder of Collaborative Effect Visual Arts Service in the mid 90’s and has recently founded and currently promotes the Community Arts & Funk Festival which showcases local and regional urban visual/performing art talents and organizations that serve to promote arts awareness and education to the greater Milwaukee community.

Bernard has worked in a variety of 2D and 3D media as well as various subjects in his work. His current art work explores symbols of identity, culture, and geographic location that are used to depict obscure and well known musicians in a form of unconventional portraiture.

artist statement

“As an artist/educator the purpose of my art is to enlighten, educate, inspire, and entertain. As an arts advocate I am committed to promoting arts education and the development of art commerce and the creative economy. I also believe that the arts are an essential key to any person developing a broad sense of culture, identity, and creativity. Contributing to the arts can heal the wounds of a community, while providing an opportunity for many to enjoy and express creativity in its most vibrant forms. Throughout my creative journey music and performance has always inspired my art making process and has played a key role in how I have developed as an artist. I have always admired the ability of the musician to make a beautiful sound come from a finely crafted, inanimate object while telling stories and sharing intimate emotions all through the transference of instrumental sounds and or words. I choose bold uses of color to emanate visual sound as the mind ponders the imagery. I strive to have my paintings intrigue the viewer and to evoke curiosity and wonder about the subject of the story told.