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Arts in Milwaukee

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  • “Lit from Within”Lit from Within

    30x30 gallery style canvas, Acrylics, oil

  • “Field Work”Field Work

    16x24 gallery style canvas: acrylics.

  • “At the Circus”At the Circus

    12x12 wood panel, oils

  • “Cupid's Arrows”Cupid's Arrows

    12x12 canvas panel, acrylics

  • “Blue Patch”Blue Patch

    16x12 canvas, oils

  • “Angels at the Bridge”Angels at the Bridge

    16x24 gallery style canvas, acrylics, oil, paper

  • “In the Pink”In the Pink

    20x20 canvas, oil

  • “Untitled”Untitled

    30x30 gallery style canvas, mixed media: acrylics, oil, graphite

  • “White Noise”White Noise

    18x24 canvas mixed media: acrylics, oil, graphite

Meg Ciccantelli

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Meg Ciccantelli

artist bio

I bring a long history of the written word to my art practice. My education and professional background is in journalism. After graduation from Marquette University, I lived and worked as a news reporter and advertising copywriter in New York, Minneapolis and Chicago. When I moved back to Milwaukee in 2016, I was ready for a change of expression; that's when I put down the pen and picked up the paintbrush.
I work full time, and paint after work and on the weekends.
Currently I am a juried mentee in the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network emerging artist program. This year-long partnership has facilitated my ongoing development as an artist.

My work is in private collections and has been shown in: Sanger House Gardens Open Doors MKE 2017, 2018; Walkers Point Center for the Arts Membership Exhibition, 2018

I am working on a website; until then, you can see a wider range of my work on Instagram @megciccantelli.

artist statement

My work explores shape and color relationships. My keenly felt experience of color is mediated through textures, marks and patches of pigment. My process involves the intuitive addition and subtraction of paint, exposing layers and shapes and textures.

Hashtags my work may appear under: #Abstract Expressionism, #Contemporary, #Nonrepresentational

To see a wider range of my work, please contact me for a studio visit, or, visit my gallery on Instagram @megciccantelli.