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  • “Untitled”Untitled

    9x12 canvas panel, oils. Mounted and framed.

  • “Home SOLD”Home SOLD

    12Hx12W Wood panel. Acrylics, charcoal, oil crayon

  • “Stitching Stories - In progress”Stitching Stories   -  In progress

    48Wx48H Gallery wrapped canvas. Acrylics, oils

  • “New Beginnings”New Beginnings

    36Hx36W Gallery wrapped canvas. Acrylics, spraypaint, oil stick

  • “Jewel Tones”Jewel Tones

    12Hx12H gallery wrapped canvas. Acrylics.

  • “In to the Fire SOLD”In to the Fire SOLD

    16Hx12W wood panel. Acrylics, oil, pastels.

  • “Brown”Brown

    6Wx9H color study on heavy-stock paper..

  • “Yellow”Yellow

    12x12 Wood panel, oils

  • “Puzzle Pieces”Puzzle Pieces

    36Hx24W Gallery-wrapped canvas. Acrylics,

  • “Sparks”Sparks

    16x24 canvas, acrylics.

  • “Waterscape”Waterscape

    12x12 mixed media piece: acrylics, oils, paper.

  • “Heart of Gold SOLD”Heart of Gold SOLD

    48Hx36W gallery style canvas: acrylics.

  • “Cupid's Arrows SOLD”Cupid's Arrows SOLD

    12x12 canvas panel, acrylics

  • “Blue Patch”Blue Patch

    16Hx12W canvas, oils

  • “White Noise”White Noise

    18Wx24H canvas mixed media: acrylics, oil, graphite

Meg Ciccantelli

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artist bio

I bring long history of the written word to my art practice. My education and professional background is in journalism. After graduation from Marquette University, I lived and worked as a news reporter and advertising copywriter in New York, Minneapolis and Chicago. When I moved back to Milwaukee in 2016, I was ready for a change of expression; that's when I put down the pen and picked up the paintbrush.

I recently completed a juried mentorship in the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network 2019 emerging artist program. This year-long partnership has facilitated my ongoing development as an artist.

My work is in private collections and has been shown in Sanger House Gardens Open Doors MKE 2017, 2018; Walkers Point Center for the Arts Membership Exhibition, 2018, and the 2019 MARN Mentor/Mentee emerging Artist program.

A website is under construction. To view a wider range of my work, contact me for a studio visit. Or, follow me on Instagram or Facebook

artist statement

My work celebrates the experience of color, and the universal ways color connects, uplifts, & inspires. My keenly felt experience of color is mediated through textures, marks and patches of pigment. My process involves the intuitive addition and subtraction of paint, exposing layers and shapes and textures. I work in acrylics, oils, collage and spray paint to explore shape and color relationships.

To see a wider range of my work, please contact me for a studio visit, or, visit my gallery on Instagram @megciccantelli.
Color moves me. Follow along!