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  • “Just for fun - Studio scene”Just for fun - Studio scene

    This is a work in progress. It's 40x40 gallery-wrapped canvas, oils. It's a beauty in person; Contact me to arrange a studio visit.

  • “Untitled”Untitled

    12Hx12W cradled wood panel, acrylics, collage, oils, framed.

  • “Garden Bouquet”Garden Bouquet

    12Hx12Wx1/8" wood panel, acrylics. Frame is for reference; panel sold unframed.

  • “Roundabout”Roundabout

    12Hx12Wx1/8" wood panel, acrylics. Frame is for reference; panel sold unframed.

  • “Off the Grid”Off the Grid

    10Hx10W mixed media collage on gallery wrapped canvas.

  • “Botanica”Botanica

    14Hx11W canvas panel, acrylics, unframed

  • “Summer Selfie”Summer Selfie

    12Hx12Wx1/8" wood panel, acrylics. Frame is for reference, panel sold unframed.

  • “Limerence”Limerence

    20Hx20W canvas, oils, unframed.

  • “Finding Home, series of two paintings”Finding Home, series of two paintings

    12x12x1/8-in. wood panel, acrylics. Frames are or reference; panels sold unframed.

  • “At the beach”At the beach

    20Hx20W acrylics, oil on canvas

  • “Untitled”Untitled

    9x12 canvas panel, oils. Mounted and framed.

  • “Home SOLD”Home SOLD

    12Hx12W Wood panel. Acrylics, charcoal, oil crayon

  • “New Beginnings”New Beginnings

    36Hx36W Gallery wrapped canvas. Acrylics, spraypaint, oil stick

  • “Jewel Tones”Jewel Tones

    12Hx12H gallery wrapped canvas. Acrylics.

  • “In to the Fire SOLD”In to the Fire SOLD

    16Hx12W wood panel. Acrylics, oil, pastels.

  • “Brown”Brown

    6Wx9H color study on heavy-stock paper..

  • “Mellow Yellow”Mellow Yellow

    12Wx12W cradled wood panel, oils, unframed.

  • “Puzzle Pieces”Puzzle Pieces

    36Hx24W Gallery-wrapped canvas. Acrylics,

  • “Sparks”Sparks

    16x24 canvas, acrylics.

  • “Heart of Gold SOLD”Heart of Gold SOLD

    48Hx36W gallery style canvas: acrylics.

  • “Cupid's Arrows SOLD”Cupid's Arrows SOLD

    12x12 canvas panel, acrylics

  • “Blue Patch”Blue Patch

    16Hx12W canvas, oils

  • “Untitled”Untitled

    18Wx24H canvas mixed media: acrylics, oil, graphite

Meg Ciccantelli

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artist bio

I recently completed a juried mentorship in the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network 2019 emerging artist program. This year-long partnership has facilitated my ongoing development as an artist.

I bring long history of the written word to my art practice. My education and professional background is in journalism. After graduation from Marquette University, I lived and worked as a news reporter and advertising copywriter in New York, Minneapolis and Chicago. When I moved back to Milwaukee in 2016, I was ready for a change of expression; that's when I put down the pen and picked up the paintbrush.

My work is in private collections and has been shown in Sanger House Gardens Open Doors MKE 2017, 2018; Walkers Point Center for the Arts Membership Exhibition, 2018, and the 2019 MARN Mentor/Mentee emerging Artist program.

A website is under construction. To view a wider range of my work, contact me for a studio visit. Or, follow me on Instagram or Facebook

artist statement

Color is a tonic for the human spirit, and my work celebrates that aspect of color. I am fascinated by the ways color connects, uplifts and provokes.

My keenly felt experience of color is mediated through textures, marks and patches of pigment. My process involves the intuitive addition and subtraction of paint, exposing buried layers shapes and textures. Time stops; color takes over.

I work in acrylics, oils, collage and spray paint.

To see a wider range of my work, please contact me for a studio visit, or, visit my gallery on Instagram @megciccantelli.